To register for the Contest, go to the Enter page, fill in the participation form and upload the required documents (ID card of the participant or group leader and PDF project presentation file), no later than 10 January 2024. If you have any questions or concerns, please write to contest@rilegno.org

Yes, the Contest is reserved for competitors over the age of 18. There is no upper age limit.

The projects submitted may also contain other materials (glue, threads, nails or small fixings) normally available at home, provided that all the wood used in the project comes from a single wooden fruit and vegetable crate.

The call for entries requires a maximum of five tables. These must include: a descriptive table of the project idea/concept; at least one table containing instructions and illustrations for construction of the project; at least one table with detailed technical drawings; and a descriptive table with text and images showing the project’s compliance with the theme.

If the project has a name (e.g., The Reformed Crate) you can indicate it in the tables.

Each participant, individually or as part of a group, may submit only one project.

No, each individual can only participate with one project.

No, on the form in the Participate section, the participant declares ownership of the project, its originality, that it (and/or its individual parts) has never been produced or published, and that it does not directly or indirectly infringe any third-party rights or violate criminal law, and also declares to accept the call for entries in its entirety and respect the final decisions of the jury.

The participants retain all intellectual property, production and/or commercial usage rights. The organiser reserves the right to use the works presented by the candidates for communication purposes related to the promotion of the Contest or to other promotions (exhibitions, events, websites, trade fairs, etc.).

It must be posted on Instagram no later than 10 January 2024 and must include the Instagram profile tag @rilegno and the hashtags #RilegnoContest2023 and #Rilegno. The username of the account used to post the reel must be given on the form when registering and the account must be public so that the content will be visible.

Simply posting the reel on Instagram is not sufficient for participation in the Contest.

Certainly. Posting a reel on Instagram is not required for evaluation of the participating works (except for qualification for the second special prize). If you do not already have an Instagram account, you can create one specially for the Contest and post your reel on it.

Any project whose implementation brings well-being or added value to society will be considered to have “social reach”. For example, an artefact that is designed for people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities, or for people in vulnerable or socio-economically disadvantaged situations.