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Not just an



A fruit crate, one of those wooden crates we see on market stalls or in neighbourhood shops.

An object that embodies a series of values, of symbols, of economic, cultural and social exchanges. A container that exemplifies an entire process.

  • Organic
  • Natural materials
  • Circular economy
  • Modular system
  • High tech / low tech

A challenge

Redesigning a wooden crate to redesign the way we interact with the world. Functional, technical, symbolic values. A wooden container designed to contain nature, to be transported, turned into a display, simple and yet smart, extremely smart.

Circular economy begins with the materials we use.

Rilegno Contest


Theme and goals

The Contest, open to all, is aimed in particular at design and architecture students and professionals and has as its object the selection of ideas for use and reuse of wood, to enhance its potential to produce things that are sustainable and may be reproduced on an industrial scale.

Purpose of the Contest is to design a new wooden container for organic products.


The winner will receive a cash prize of EUR 10,000, inclusive of all taxes and social security charges.

The second and third runners-up will receive EUR 4,000 and EUR 2,000 respectively, as decided by the jury.

In addition, "Rilegno social" prizes will be awarded to the participant who communicates his or her project on Instagram in the most effective manner: EUR 2,000 for the winner, EUR 1,000 for the runner-up.

Timetable and deadlines

  • 6 November 2019
    Call for entries is announced
  • 30 April 2020
    Entry deadline
  • 29 May 2020
    End of the jury's evaluation
  • Award ceremony:
    to be defined in the light of the evolution of the current emergency situation.