Does the project container need to be entirely made of wood or cork?

The Contest projects have to envisage containers that are predominantly made of virgin wood suitable for industrial series production or cork, yet they may also contain other materials (small connecting elements, etc.…).

Do contestants have to submit all 5 tables?

The call for entries allows candidates to produce up to 5 tables: at least one table to represent the project idea/concept, at least one table with dimensional technical drawings and one table with a photo or rendering to illustrate the relation to the Contest theme.

May I give my project a name?

Yes, a project name (e.g. Cassetta Bella / Beautiful crate) may be suggested in the tables.

Is there a limit to the number of projects that can be submitted?

Each individual participant may enter only one project, each group leader may enter only one project. In case of group submissions, it is possible to submit different projects if different group leaders are appointed.

We're a team, can we submit more than one project?

Each group appoints a leader who may submit only one project. If you are a group of 5 people you can submit up to 5 projects appointing a different leader for each project.

Do I have to be of legal age to participate?

Yes, the Contest is only open to participants aged 18 and above. There is no upper age limit.

May I participate by just creating an Instagram album only?

Published pictures are not enough, for the participation to be valid you have to submit a description table comprised of a text explaining the project and a dimensional technical drawing. An Instagram post is therefore not enough.

I have no Instagram account, may I still participate?

Yes, definitely! Instagram posts are not a prerequisite for the evaluation of the participating projects (“Rilegno social” prizes not included).

Is the container designed to store a particular type of fruits and vegetables?

Yes, the container will contain biological fruits and vegetables.

Is the container designed to be a furnishing object?

This depends on your idea.

Do the materials used need to respect standards of hygiene?

Yes, because the materials will be in direct contact with foodstuffs.

Can I patent my idea?

Yes, you can patent your idea.

I am using a patent, do I need to mention the company?

Yes, you must always mention the company.

Can I use videos in my Instagram post?

Yes, you can use both pictures and videos.

Do I need to publish the Instagram post simultaneously to the upload of the project?

No, you can publish the Instagram post after but not later than 30 April 2020.

Can I use any type of wood?

Yes, but we suggest to use virgin wood. The containers will then be recycled by Rilegno like all wooden packaging.

Can I put my name on the artboards?

No, the artboards must be anonymous.

Can I use bamboo?

No, Rilegno does not recommend the use of bamboo.

I uploaded my project and I did not receive the confirmation email. Did you check your spam box?

Still nothing? Contact us at contest@rilegno.org.